Doctor’s Cave is one of the most visited beaches in Montego Bay. But it does charge an entry fee, which can serve as a deterrent for some. Many, however, are willing to fork over the dollars to enter Doctor’s Cave, play in the quiet waves, enjoy the safety of lifeguards and have ready access to the available water sports, changing rooms and beach bars. The beach’s popularity means that you’re likely to encounter crowds (especially on days when cruise ships are in Montego Bay’s port) and high food prices.
Five miles of pure white sand and crystal clear water have made this beach a popular destination for tourists and families.
The beach has a broad swath of clean, near-white sand some 200 m long. It is fringed by trees, and has facilities: bar, restaurant, changing rooms and showers. For members there are several club rooms.

As well as for members, the beach is open to the public for a fee. Chairs, umbrellas, and snorkel gear are available for rent.

The beach is part of the protected Montego Bay Marine Park, which has many species to be seen on coral reefs which can be viewed by snorkelers.