Jamaica is an enchanting dream destination that’s renowned for its breathtaking scenery, friendly people and incredible rhythms that have conquered the world.
It gives visitors a full glimpse of a wonderful country with a diversity of natural beauty, culture and entertainment.
From ska to reggae to dancehall and hip-hop, the music of Jamaica is an intoxicating mix of African rhythms and pulsating Euro-Latino beats.

It’s definitely hard to think of Jamaica without bringing up reggae music, popularized worldwide by the late and great Bob Marley. This engaging musical style has inspired people from all corners of the globe with its incredible vibes and hypnotizing rhythms.

Amplified to the max through some of the most powerful sound-systems on the planet, Jamaica’s towering mega-watt speakers provide a syncopated audio backdrop to daily life – emitting a deafening distorted pulse across inner-city yards, meeting halls, bars and street corners island-wide.

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