In Jamaica frying is a very popular style of cooking fish. The most popular type of fried fish in Jamaica is the Escovitch fish. This is where it is seasoned and fried then marinated with a spicy dressing made of bell peppers, carrots and onions left to soak in vinegar. On the island the red snapper is the most popular fish used to create the delicious Escovitch fish meal.

There are other types of fish that are fried in Jamaica such as the Bangamary/Kingweak fish and the sprat fish. Fried fish prepared on the island is often times served with fried festivals, fried bammy, rice and peas, boiled ground provisions, bread among a wide array of other delicious sides used to complement the meal.
Fried festivals are a popular food kind eaten along side many meals in Jamaica. This item of food is made by kneading flour, cornmeal, sugar and a few other ingredients together, rolling it into long dumplings and frying it. Bammy on the other hand is a flat cassava based bread , made by combining grated cassava, flour and salt together and frying it.

You can find fried fish meals all around the island. The most popular place to go if you want the best fried fish and festivals or bammy is to go by the sea or beach side. Tourists from all over the world flock to popular spots such as Hellshire beach located in Portmore, St.Catherine, just to taste the overly appetizing dish.

The Recipe for Jamaican Fried/Escovitch Fish can be found below: